Pack Token Required STAR Lv range Max redemption limit Pack Item Redeem
Prize 1 1000 1-5 5 Rahzak Pet Egg (E)*10 Claim Pack
Prize 2 1000 6-10 5 Rahzak Pet Egg (E)*20 Claim Pack
Prize 3 3000 1-5 5 Blood Moon I*2 Claim Pack
Prize 4 3000 6-10 5 Blood Moon II*1 Claim Pack
Prize 5 3000 1-5 3 Chinchiller Satchel (E)*10 Claim Pack
Prize 6 3000 6-10 3 Chinchiller Satchel (E)*20 Claim Pack
Prize 7 8000 1-5 2 Faith Pike III*2 Claim Pack
Prize 8 8000 6-10 2 Faith Pike III*4 Claim Pack

Event Rules

Event Duration: July 10 - July 12 Only Server Time (GMT -5)

Event Rules:
1. When you meet the STAR Level and Token requirements, the 'Claim Pack' button will light up. Click it to get your reward!
2. Every reward pack has an Token cost. Buy Cash to earn Tokens at a 1:1 ratio (excludes Bonus Cash rewards). For example, if you buy a 32 Cash bundle, you'll get 32 Tokens. There's no limit to the number of Tokens you can earn, but they'll expire at the end of this event!
Click the 'My Tokens' button to refresh your Tokens after buying a Cash bundle.
3. Redemption Limits refer to the maximum amount of rewards you can get during an event.
4. Items won from the draw will be sent to your mailbox within 30 minutes.
5. Tokens will disappear when the event ends. Make sure you use yours as soon as possible!