Lv Rewards  
40 Dark Flame III*2,Voucher Chest III*1
50 Voodoo IV*1,Gem Satchel I*10,Voucher Chest III*2
60 Double Take IV*1,Equipment Essence III*40,Ankerrui Pet Egg (E)*5
70 Blood Feast IV*2,Equipment Essence III*60,Morphin Pet Egg (E)*5
80 Black Death V*1,Equipment Essence IV*25,Orind Satchel*20
95 7-Star Fedora*1,Gem Satchel IV*3,Card Box A*20
STAR Rewards  
1 Bureox Satchel (E)*10
2 Equipment Essence IV*25,Zen II*1
3 Equipment Essence IV*35,Vengeance II*2
4 Transmutation Stone III*40,Tremor II*2
5 Musou Warcry II*1,Goldrine Satchel (E)*10
6 Assassin's Note II*1,Ebonios Satchel (E)*10,Queen Spider*1
7 Prophecy II*1,Luxos Pet Egg (E)*10,Ankerrui Pet Egg (E)*15
8 Assassin's Note III*1,Luxos Pet Egg (E)*15,Azurblauen*1
9 Blood Moon III*2,Celestial Stone*100,Exquisite Key*50
10 Faith Pike III*2,Goddess Cruor II*2,1-Star Saulos*1
Double Up Surprise

Level up your character levels and STAR levels to receive incredible rewards this Easter!

Event Duration: August 16 - August 18 Server Time (GMT-5)

Event Rules: Players need to reach the required lv or STAR lv stated in the event page to participate and win! Prizes will be sent out within 10 minutes of successful redemption. Please make sure that there is sufficient space in the mailbox to avoid disappointment.