The Magical, Mystical Bonus Three![Apr 22 - 23]
Event Time: Apr 22 - 23 Server Time (GMT-5)

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Date Server Character rewards

Event Period: Apr 22 - 23 Server Time (GMT-5)


Bonus I: Instant win up to a 450% Cash Bonus

 Cash Packs  Cash  Bonus  How can I win more Cash?
 20,500 Cash (US $499.90) bundle  450%

Purchase Cash through PBC or  Monkeybookers to get an additional 25% Cash Bonus![Click here to purchase using our HD version.]

 8,750 Cash (US $224.90) bundle  450%
3,550 Cash (US $94.90) bundle  400%
1,610 Cash (US $44.90) bundle  400%
Other Cash Bundles  350%


Bonus II: Different prizes at every draw!

How to qualify:    Buy 3000+ Cash (excluding bonus Cash) through our HD version to qualify. [Click here to        make your purchase and join in the fun!]
Prize: Evil Scheme I*3
Note:    Prize redemption page will be announced on  April 24.    Please redeem your rewards at after event has ended. 


Bonus III: Claim ALL the Rewards!

Every 1,000 Cash bought (excluding bonus Cash) during the event allows you to claim a reward absolutely free! (See the list of rewards below.)

Biragon Satchel (E)*2
Goddess Cruor*1
Warlion Satchel*6
Kinryu Satchel*6
Morphin Pet Egg*6
Garuda Pet Egg*6
Audacia Pet Egg*6
Stark Pet Egg*6
Poseidon Pet Egg*6
Jabberwock Pet Egg*6
Lv 70 Materials Bag*4
Lv 60 Materials Bag*6
Valentine Costume [Priest]
Valentine Costume [Mage]
Valentine Costume [Hunter]
Valentine Costume [Knight]
10 Million Coins
Card Box A*3
War Elephant Satchel*6
Lucky Draw Coupon*40
Equipment Essence IV*4
Amorus Dei Satchel*6

Event Prize Disbursement Schedule: 

Event items claimed will be mailed to you within 10 minutes of being won. You can only have 50 messages in your mailbox at any given time, so, be sure to clear some space to prevent any unnecessary losses!