Instant Win Up to 730% Bonus Cash!
Available time to redeem the rewards: Sep 17 - Sep 19

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Event Period: 

Sep 17 01:00pm - Sep 19 01:00pm Server Time (GMT+8)


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Bonus I: Instant win up to a 730% Cash Bonus!

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 20,500 Cash (US $499.90) bundle  680%

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 8,750 Cash (US $224.90) bundle  680%
 3,550 Cash (US $94.90) bundle  650%
 1,610 Cash (US $44.90) bundle  630%
Other Cash Bundles  600%



Bonus II: Cash Bonus Lotto!

50 Cash purchase orders (any amount!) will be selected at random during the event period to walk away with 700% - 2200% BONUS Cash! 

Winner List will be released on Sep 16.


Bonus III: Claim ALL the Rewards!

Every 500 Cash bought (excluding bonus Cash) during the event allows you to claim a reward absolutely free! (See the list of rewards below.)


Valentine Costume [Priest]*1
Valentine Costume [Mage]*1
Valentine Costume [Hunter]*1
Valentine Costume [Knight]*1
Winter Warrior [Priest]*1
Winter Warrior [Mage]*1
Winter Warrior [Hunter]*1
Winter Warrior [Knight]*1
Kringle Pet Egg*4
Drakeling Pet Egg*2
Snarley Pet Egg*2
Blimpy Satchel*3
Lv 70 Materials Bag*1
Transmutation Stone II*10
Transmutation Stone I*10
Equipment Essence II*25
Equipment Essence III*7
Equipment Essence IV*2



Event items claimed will be mailed to you within 10 minutes of being won. You can only have 50 messages in your mailbox at any given time, so, be sure to clear some space to prevent any unnecessary losses!