Spins Required Cash  
5 1500
15 5000
40 15000
80 30000

Apr 17  - Apr 18 Only Server Time (GMT -5)

Event Rules:

1. Purchase 500 Cash (excluding the Bonus Cash) during the event to earn one 1 spin on the Wealthy Wheel! (Cash given out as bonus from other promotions will not be included).

2. “Spins Left” indicates the remaining number of times a player can spin the wheel.

3. Click “Spin!” to spin the Wealthy Wheel. The number that the player lands on will be the Cash rewarded to that player.

4. BONUS CASH can be earned by reaching a certain number of spins 5, 15 ,40, 80 as listed above.

5. All Cash won during the event will be displayed under the “Cash Won” tab.


All Cash won during the event will be sent to the winners’ accounts 48 hours after the event ends.

The Wings of Destiny team reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards.